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We are a family farm that produces high-quality Canadian honey and beeswax in the Tawatinaw Valley area, specializing in international/domestic bulk sales as well as individual farmgate needs.

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We are 2nd generation apiary farm that has been operating since 1967. Our hope is that our own sustainable beekeeping practices continue to benefit consumers and the environment while harmoniously supporting a pathway for our future beekeepers, and honey bees. Our honey does not need any fancy containers, additives or flavorings, it is only true-real honey produced that we farm responsibly.




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Genuine, ethically sourced, renewable

The Highest Quality of Honey & Beeswax

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May 11, 2020
The Conundrum of Dandelions

The sight of a dandelion evokes one of two feelings, one of love and one of loathing. I can understand that the bright yellow buttons on a beautiful green grass can give the impression of an uncared yard or parks in our communities. However, these cheery yellow blooms are a valuable treasure in our environment.  […]

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