Over the years we find through our management practices and attention to professionalism, we maintain positive longstanding working relationships within our industry.

Our farm creates relationships within our community, with the local landowners and producers that graciously provide us an opportunity to find locations for our hives. Our bees harmoniously pollinate the many local diverse farm crops, local gardens, and wildflowers that extend within their reach.

Our colony locations are strategically placed based on years of history of floral forage opportunities for bees. We love the hidden gems of natural pastureland as it gives the most diversity of forage for the health of our bees.

Our hives are legally registered with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, and the Alberta Beekeepers Commission. Registering is important to establish accountability toward better stewardship within our bee community, to participate in upholding and creating safer standards while endorsing the growth and sustainability for the honey industry.

We are also a licensed and inspected farm/facility under CFIA’s Safe Food for Canadians Regulation (SFCR). We strive to produce safe high-quality honey to consumers by implementing safety protocols starting from the field to the processing plant, storage, and through to shipping. 

Our safe food handling protocols align with CBISQT the Canadian Bee Industry Safety Quality Traceability program, focusing on Biosecurity, safety, hygiene, and traceability. In coordination, we have fully implemented a Farm Safety and Training program for all employees including our own family members to enhance our management system, while keeping our hives, honey product, and employees safe.

As part of our Safe Food Handling Protocol, every 10 drums of honey produced is sampled in house, for color and moisture and retained for records so that we have a good understanding of what our inventory quality throughout the harvest season.

As an SFRC licensed honey producer our honey is randomly tested for quality assurance, as well we will work with Alberta Food Lab or Intertek Food Lab for quality assurance to meet Export Protocols for International markets.

With our processing system, we also can offer Homogenous-blended ‘lots’ of honey presenting with consistent color and moisture targets for the best quality control of our product. This is ideal for markets that are interested in consistent ‘lots’ of bulk honey.

We are also FDA registered and True Source Honey certified. 

Bulk honey for sale is only ever packaged in NEW FDA/CFIA approved 205 Litre drums. 

Farmgate honey is only packaged in new recyclable plastic containers. We love jazzy glass jars, but we prefer to package in a container that is simple, easy to soften your honey in, handy to reuse for projects around the house or that can be recycled properly in community curbside recycling programs.

We are always open to new opportunities to diversify, build, and invest in future harmonious working relationships in the honey industry because bees’ matter.

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