Honey presents in many different colors, moistures, consistencies, 

and flavours depending where bees forage for nectar and how it is processed.
Bees forage for nectar for miles and the expectation is that the honey will be diverse in flavor from hive to hive. Honey is only harvested when conditions are optimal, and honey has matured naturally in the hive.

The honey that we produce is Unpasteurized…. meaning that is unheated and unprocessed to preserve all the qualities from nature. It is simply a process of ‘spinning’ and filtering honey straight from hive to bottle. 

It is not uncommon for unpasteurized honey to have small amount of wax at the top, or for the honey to be of a granulated or hard consistency. True unpasteurized honey will harden or crystallize over time. This natural process will occur in the hive even when left untouched by mankind. Gentle warming and stirring can easily create a softer texture of creamed honey if preferred. No need for high heat as you risk burning the honey and yourself.
Our honey can be defined as ‘blossom’ honey denoting sweet, bloomy, clean, herbal flavors derived from a variety of local nectar sources that are found throughout the Westlock and Thorhild counties in Alberta. Variety of floral sources is best for the sustainability of our hives. Just as nature is unique, limitless, and full of life so should be the flavor and variety of our honey.

Our honey is only ever honey---real unpasteurized honey, no additives, flavours or coloring is ever added to our honey. Genuineness of honey should be reflected in the quality with ever only one ingredient---Honey. 

The quality of our honey is important to us as we only ever package the finest white honey for bulk and farmgate sales. Our processing system can offer Homogenous-blended ‘lots’ of honey presenting with consistent color and moisture targets for best quality control of our product.

For further information regarding bulk sales or purchase of farmgate honey please contact us.

Raw Beeswax

Honey and Beeswax are a sweet partnership.
Wax is purely made by bees from honey. Wax is harvested during honey season, as we thinly remove the “wax capping” to expose the honey inside the comb, as well small amounts of wax are separated from honey during the ‘spinning’ process.

As part of our sustainability practices we never remove more wax than what is required for it takes a tremendous amount of energy and work for the bees to continually reproduce. We strive to preserve the integrity of all our honey frames during our honey harvest.

Our beeswax is pure/raw only being processed/filtered once, with no colors or additives. We do not over process the wax to maintain the “raw” form of the wax for better adaptability to the needs of any consumers or retail projects. 

Available for sale in bulk 30 Lb blocks, in light and dark colors. Smaller amounts can be available upon request.
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