Beekeeping over the last 50 years has not been without challenges,

from humans, nature, disease, markets, and climate.
Adapting to responsible beekeeping practices are essential to sustainability. Bees almost touch everything in nature, adding color and beauty to our world wherever they go while securing our world food supply. 

Our farm recognizes the need to be a sustainable producer, growing and maintain our own hives. Ensuring we are viable to produce our own healthy stock of bees, and that any additional support utilized in the hive is always necessary, trustworthy and impeccable to our level of standards. 

Part of our responsibility is to maintain a balance of hive health with our processing of honey without causing excessive work, waste, and stress on our bees. Therefore, some products such as pollen, royal jelly, propolis, and comb honey are not harvested or processed by our farm. We value these products as necessary and natural supports for the health and sustainability of our bees.
We strive to keep our hives in locations that do not compete with other colonies to optimize the health while minimizing the spread of disease amongst our bee community. We aspire accountability toward better bee stewardship by all in our bee community.

We support research and development for better bee health and promote education and informative and accurate awareness for honeybees. We focus and advocate solo for our bees and avoid entanglement in “fad beekeeping practices” and unintelligible terminology that hinders the growth and sustainability of bees.

We look to diversify in market opportunities so that we can continue to invest in our bees.

Our farm will continue to find efficiencies within our own operation to mitigate our footprint to ensure apiculture, honeybees and real honey will always have a future for our next generations.
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